IVFD Firefighting Equipment

IVFD Equipment

2013 International 4400 Class A Pumper:
This truck holds 970 gallons of water, 30 gallons of foam and can pump at 1250 gallons per minute.

2009 International 4400 Tanker:
This truck holds 2,500 gallons of water. This truck does not have a pump capable of pumping water onto a fire.

ONE Kohler Portable Wildland Pump:
This pump is capable of pumping 300 gallons per minute at 10 PSI.

ONE Waterax Mark 3 Portable Wildland Pump:
This is a small one person portable wildland pump that is capable of pumping 98 gallons per minute at 380 PSI.

The IVFD also stores and maintains two Kohler portable wildland pumps for Sutton Island. These pumps are placed on Sutton in the spring and removed from Sutton in late fall.