At the Special Town Meeting on August 24, 2010 the voters of the Cranberry Isles enthusiastically adopted a new Comprehensive Plan! We can all be proud of this significant accomplishment - long overdue, as our last plan was adopted in 1982!


The town will benefit from the Comprehensive Plan in many ways. We now have a resource with a big-picture, long-term view to help us prioritize resources (time and money) and track progress on our most urgent issues. We have the groundwork in place should we choose to make changes to town ordinances or policies. Our grant applications will be viewed more favorably. In addition, the plan affirms and supports our community values and vision for our future. But above all those benefits lies the plan’s ultimate purpose: to help us preserve what we cherish most about our community and strengthen our commitment to positive change.

The plan is an advisory document that will serve as a tool for the next 5-10 years. It reflects the desired future of the town based on what residents have expressed at public meetings, informal research/outreach, and through a public opinion survey. Overall, it identifies current issues and opportunities that the town faces and proposes steps toward specific goals. Both the work invested in the plan and its value to the town will be highly diminished if it sits on a shelf neglected. To leverage its benefit, town leaders and volunteers should review, evaluate, and adjust the plan’s goals and objectives on a regular basis to reflect changes in both achievements and challenges over time.

The plan consists of two major parts. The Inventory and Analysis discusses recent trends in the town and projects what may happen in the future. While it discusses some options for the town to consider, these are not recommendations. Rather, this section is a reference document that reflects conditions in the town as of May 2008. The town is continually evolving, so some of the information in this section becomes out of date quickly. This is especially the case for the public opinion survey results and data obtained from state and federal sources.

The second part is the Goals, Policies, Implementation Strategies (which opens with the Vision Statement) and the Future Land Use Plan. This section sets specific recommendations for the future of the town. These recommendations are followed by detailed implementation strategies that indicate who will do what and when. The Future Land Use Plan presents a vision of how the town should grow.

The plan is the result of several years of volunteer and staff effort gathering data and viewpoints, articulating a vision for our future as a town and community, and setting goals to realize that vision. We thank all who participated in the process – and are grateful to be completing our service with an outcome that will benefit us all for many years to come.

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

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